Friday, May 16, 2008

Toilet to Tap Project Once Again Considered for L.A.

L.A. considers sewage as source for water supply.

No matter what the projects are called, or how pure
they claim the water is, the source is still the same.

Other California cities are facing the same kinds of challenges as L.A.

Orange County and other Southern California agencies are already recycling treated sewage water back into the drinking supply.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

EPA may not take action to limit rocket fuel in water

Tue May 6, 2008
Associated Press

WASHINGTON — An EPA official says there's a "distinct possibility" the agency won't take action to limit a toxic rocket fuel ingredient that has contaminated drinking water supplies around the country.

Benjamin Grumbles, assistant administrator for water at the Environmental Protection Agency, told senators Tuesday that EPA believes the contaminant — perchlorate — poses developmental health risks. But he says that after years of study EPA has not determined whether regulating perchlorate would meaningfully reduce that risk.

Senators accused EPA of foot-dragging. The agency has faced pressure from the Pentagon, which could be liable for clean-up costs.

Perchlorate has been found in at least 35 states and is widespread in the Southwest.